Don’t get left behind. Are you leading or are you led?

At Quantic we believe that the best suppliers know where their categories are going. Leaders interpret and shape trends that will dictate their future results. They future-proof their brands by keeping them fresh and relevant against these trends. Successful suppliers lead the category’s development through their brands. Category opportunities are scaled, prioritised and set the context for multi-functional activation strategies by channel. Insightful suppliers:


  • Create contextual Drivers based on consumer and shopper insights which explain the big behaviour changes needed to impact category value.
  • Clearly align their portfolio’s activation against understood opportunities by Driver and Sharp’s laws of growth, targeting additional penetration in new missions and new occasions.
  • Use their vision to better connect both their internal functional strategies and their core customer agendas via strongly aligned JBPs.
  • Understand how shopper marketing equity building activities close the purchase gap – awareness and consideration don’t necessarily drive conversion to purchase!
  • Use Drivers to connect with POP plans, making the POP an aligned strategic enabler .
  • Understand that retailers work with those suppliers who provide the best context for future category growth and with those who differentiate activation plans based on a detailed understanding of their own strategies.

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