First Purchase Research and Quantic Strike A Chord

In an age of big data and black box algorithms, it made such a refreshing change to hear the joint approach from First Purchase Research and Quantic providing shopper research data with something it always needs – actionable relevance and purpose!

First Purchase Research’s founder, Barry Lemmon, took the audience at today’s Executing Shopper Insights conference through his Byron Sharp-inspired new shopper research framework  – one which could challenge everything you ever thought or believed to be correct. The panel, chaired by Steve Hildebrand and made up of Susan Thomas of Pepsi Co UK and Andrew Nunney of Accolade Wines, then went on to discuss the way that the framework can be used to better target the most important shopper behaviour in a supplier’s category strategy. Real relevance and purpose delivered.

If you want to understand how this new approach to understanding shoppers can impact your activation plans within your commercial growth agenda, then please get in contact.

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