Create a culture for people to shine

Well, 2019 has arrived like a flash. Special festive times have come and gone and we have what might feel like a mountain to climb ahead of us. Economies are tight, uncertainty is high and every business is trying to do more with less. It is all about perspective. Those who dig for the opportunities hidden in what may feel like insurmountable challenges will achieve success, come out stronger and experience the full abundance of life.

So is this not a good time to look at the year ahead from a new perspective? I believe that connected companies perform better. Business leaders must shift their focus from the numbers to their people. It is widely proven that culture is the single most important determinant of business success. Happy people drive bigger results. This is a good time to make sure that you have a winning culture where the sum of its parts add up to much more than the individuals themselves.

I took the opportunity over the holiday break to read “The Culture Code” by Daniel Coyle, an inspiring book with some helpful insights on how to establish a winning culture in your team. It describes how highly successful teams are founded on three core fundamentals; safety, vulnerability and purpose. Psychological safety creates the connections between people. Mental illness in the workplace is all around us as individuals take on battles impossible to win on their own. Leaders must model vulnerability by recognising their personal limitations and encouraging contributions from others. A leader openly admitting that they have messed up is the most liberating message that anyone can hear. Lastly, are you clear on the higher purpose of your business? Purpose is the emotional glue that gives people a sense of identity and belonging. Purpose is far greater than making money. What does your business stand for? What positive impact does it have on your customers, suppliers, staff and wider society? I have two daughters, both millennials, and in the last few years each have switched highly “successful” careers, with all the trimmings, in large international companies for lives that make a difference to the communities around them. I have never seen them happier!

So what perspective are you going to take as you rush headlong in to 2019? A perspective of chasing the numbers to keep your boss happy and earn more money, or a focus on creating a winning culture where people can shine and achieve things far beyond themselves for the benefit of the company, themselves and those around them?

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