Are you really engaging customers with your 2020 plans?

Across the world, we see the trading environment undergoing unprecedented change. Discounters, e-commerce and fluid consumption habits across in home and out of home are placing enormous pressures on traditional retailing models. Shoppers are better informed, changing their behaviours and becoming more demanding. Winning their hard earned cash is a challenge to customers and suppliers.

In this highly competitive environment, customers want their suppliers to complement doing the basics brilliantly, with a more strategic view of the mutual opportunities and growth drivers that can create demand and value. The breadth and depth of conversations that customers want is a function of their scale, complexity, ambition, the current relationship they have with a supplier and the supplier’s willingness to engage in broader business conversations.

We’ve identified three levels of engagement:

Winning suppliers must rapidly build the capabilities of their teams across the business to deliver excellence in customer engagement. As you start to think about engaging customers to achieve next year’s commercial targets, use this checklist to assess whether you are developing strategic plans that they will value.

Click on the link below if you’d like Checklist 1: “Customer Engagement – Building the Customer Plan content”.
Customer Engagement – Building the Customer Plan content

As a final thought …, have you been striving for excellence in Customer Management or excellence in Customer Engagement?

  • Management: the process of dealing with or controlling something.
  • Engagement: the level of relationship and emotional commitment between two parties.

At Quantic, we believe ‘management’ has an internal bias rather than a customer-centric focus.  ‘Engagement’ is about building relationships.  It’s not just about what you do but also how you do it and the customer’s experience of working with you.

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