Where is Growth Coming From?

With today’s environment changing at so fast a pace, thinking about tomorrow can often be a daunting task and one overtaken by the need to manage today’s hectic here and now. Clients sometimes question the need for mid-term strategy when the world is changing and when current workloads are providing results. The two big questions Quantic pose to such clients are; how sustainable is your current growth and are you missing out on bigger opportunities?

The answers to both questions potentially lie in where the client’s current growth is actually coming from. There’s always the balance to be made between short-term, often opportunistic growth that steals incremental share from competitors, versus an approach to growth delivered by identifying unmet consumer needs. Both are valid approaches – growth from anywhere is welcomed in today’s environment. But Quantic believes that larger and more sustainable growth comes to those businesses that identify a category-growth agenda. Taking a greater share of a growing category is a stronger option than a share steal strategy alone.

Identifying future growth opportunities is at the heart of Quantic’s offer and one which builds on a core principle – that connected organisations outperform their competition. Businesses most likely to achieve sustainable growth and thought-leadership are those which can connect a consumer-centric set of growth strategies connected to omni-channel shopper executional strategies, all of which are then ultimately aligned to the strategies of their major customers.

Examples of Quantic’s approach to deliver precisely these ambitions can be seen in some 30 countries covering multiple categories.

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