Getting in shape to navigate the commercial adventure of 2021

If your year looks commercially daunting, strip it back to the fundamental challenge and try reframing it to an adventure.

Critical to successful navigation is knowing your current location on the value curve.  On the back of 2020 you’ll either be faced with stopping value erosion and/or needing to flip the switch to drive value creation.  Some businesses are faced with the challenge of both depending on their business footprint.

Facing into the obstacle or opportunity as an adventure gives permission to try, to push the boundaries, to dream big and to look at challenges differently.  Adventure renews beliefs so that when the going gets tough, we dig in, push through and find a way.

In a fractured economy, never has coming together been so important.  Collectively facing into the value curve requires all functions to focus on what can be done, to get into action and drive some positive forward momentum.

Leadership Teams should have only one ask of their teams, which is that they stay connected – to the external environment, to each other and to the leg of the value chain adventure they’re on.  To support them, give the space to think, room to talk about the “so what”, freedom to do the “now what”, the courage and confidence to be brave as they work through their functional asks.

We’ll be sharing the game changing actions that can be taken by functions to successfully navigate the value curve, including Marketing, R&D/Innovation, Category, Sales, L&D and Shopper Marketing starting at the Shopper Insights Conference on 24th February.

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