Building Capability

 Building Capability

Building capability requires rigour and attention so that learning and development equips people to play their part in delivering the ambition of the organisation.

 Delivering capability that sticks

Sustained and profitable growth has increasingly become more of a challenge, which has been heightened by the Covid-19 pandemic. Organisations need great products and great people to increase their likelihood of success. On the people front, to change ingrained behaviours across a multi-generational workforce necessitates ensuring that functional skill frameworks are future-proofed and recognising that the way we learn has changed..

Skills frameworks must be continuously repurposed and updated to reflect the world that teams are operating in, cross-functional connectivity and the growth demands of the organisation. Having a clear and connected end in mind is critical as is realising that skills and skill levels need to constantly evolve.

For many, a traditional training approach remains deeply rooted in the organisation so bringing about the desired capability change will be a challenge. The way we learn has changed – it’s lifelong, it’s personalised, it’s on demand – whenever and wherever, it’s technology enabled, it’s short, it’s more social and informal, it’s driven by challenge and curiosity, it’s by doing and realising that not getting it right first time only adds fuel for success. To make learning stick and evolved capabilities become part of the organisations DNA, these changes have to be reflected in the L and D approach.

 The impact of building capability on business growth

The replay value (RV) of learning into application is the key to improving the Return on Training Investment (R.O.T.I). If the RV is high this will quickly manifest itself in improved business performance and be money well invested.

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