UFS Case Study

‘With this approach, we can knock down brick walls.’  Sales Director, Unilever Food Solutions, Germany


 Spotlight on

Building capability.



Global strategy and implementation, 100+ markets.


 Client problem

Unilever had an inconsistent approach to customer business planning causing inefficiency and ineffectiveness.



Grow Food Solutions by putting the customer’s needs at the heart of the plan.



Working collaboratively, we reframed the behaviour of the sales team by creating a 4 step planning framework that could be scaled up and down so it was relevant for all customers. This consistent framework was piloted in a cross section of markets and rolled-out to every customer worldwide from independent operators to national distributors and global chains. The individual needs of the customer are now baked into rolling annual plans.



Better, customer centric plans.
Relevant customer needs based conversations.
New and repeat business secured.
A consistent approach, no re-learning as sales talent progresses.


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