Delivering your growth agenda: Customer Marketing’s role

Quantic’s core principle is that connected organisations out-perform their competition.  By connected, we mean those businesses whose commercial functional strategies are aligned behind one consistently understood growth agenda.  Our previous posts have looked at the necessity to align these cross-functional strategies behind a common growth agenda. Marketing sets the direction via clear consumer-centric Growth Drivers.… Read More

Are you a consumer-led business?

Delivering your growth agenda: Marketing’s critical role In our first post we said that a growth agenda lives and dies by the strength of its under-pinning cross-functional strategies.  In this post we will start looking at Marketing’s specific role in the creation and then delivery of that growth agenda. Quantic’s over-arching principle and why the… Read More

Are you connected for growth?

How connected is your organisation behind a single vision for growth? If nothing else, Brexit is a wonderful example of how dysfunctional an organisation can become when its members can’t agree on a single vision of the future.  Every day we watch as parties and the teams within them disintegrate into factions, as debate degenerates… Read More