Insight Angels

Demand Research

Quantic frequently partners with Insight Angels at the beginning of consumer-led programmes to understand demand moments and motivations.

Former directors of the Added Value company and with deep experience gleaned from both client and agency-side, Insight Angels are true experts at generating powerful consumer insights from their qual and quant research.

Next Atlas

Social Trend Visualisation

Much of our work is based on understanding growth drivers. These are often best understood through visual stimulii.

We bring Next Atlas into the process to visualise emerging and contemporary trends appearing in social media - these graphics prove invaluable in the strategy development process.

Green Shoots

Shopper Research

At the brand and channel activation stages of our work, we often partner with Green Shoots, a leading insight agency who pioneered shopper research.

They help us identify motivations for the critical first purchase at driver, segment and brand level.


Ecommerce Insights

A market-leading eCommerce analytics provider, e.fundamentals helps us improve our client's online product performance by getting the 8 Fundamentals of selling right online.

This drives sales, profit and long-term category success for brands whose performance in retailer's online sites is a crucial part of their future growth.

DC Activ

Embedding Tools and Assets

An exciting and innovative player on the retail scene, we bring DC Activ to help embed concepts into clients' businesses.

DC Activ help us bring solutions to life by visualising what great looks like in the targeted environment.

First Purchase Research

Shopper Understanding

First Purchase Research was founded by the former head of Retail and Shopper at Kantar TNS. They help us to strengthen the execution of category work to successfully drive behaviour change by identifying shopper insights. This supports the development of targeted activation strategies.

We support and participate their exciting mission to change the way brands think about understanding and influencing shoppers.

Sally Gunnell Health & Wellbeing

Organisational Wellbeing

Sally knows what it takes to get fit to compete, win and stay at the top. She has successfully translated these principles from the track to the Boardroom.

She and her team are pivotal in the development of motivational walks and wellbeing strategies that get maximum participation. These support a healthy and successful navigation of our clients commercial change programmes.